Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Graduates can apply their obedience to God Almighty in the line of duty.


  2. Graduates can develop a network of cooperation with stakeholders.

  3. Graduates demonstrate independent, quality, and scalable performance.

  4. Graduates gain a broad and sound knowledge in  the concept of basic science and fundamental of engineering.

  5. Graduates are in the position to apply their knowledge and skills in order to generate decisions appropriately to provide solutions for problems in work.

  6. Graduates demonstrate communication skills effectively with stakeholders.

  7. Graduates demonstrate social sensitivity and awareness to disseminate ideas to the public and the environment well.

  8. Graduates can design information systems, multimedia, or computer networks in the field of information technology.

  9. Graduates have in-depth knowledge of engineering science required to implement information systems, multimedia, or computer networks.

  10. Graduates can analyze the latest issues and problems to provide solutions in technology applications.